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We believe that the right job can change a person’s life, and the right employee or colleague can transform a business. Speak to us, the recruitment agency with expertise!

Helping you build the dream team

Transparent rates

We stay true to our word, lowering the stress of unknown margins and maximising the return on your investment in people.

We provide continuity

Sustainable and adaptable to assist you in making the best hires and creating a nurturing atmosphere within your business. ​

Keep you growing

We are passionate about your success and will help you get ahead by finding you the right team, no matter what.

Get your head start with our bespoke approach.

We are a dedicated recruitment agency focusing on Sales, Marketing & Technology recruitment.  Our understanding of these markets helps us find you fully trained professionals, capable of exceeding targets from day one!

With clients’ and talent at our fingertips, we understand the importance of having a team that works, reaches targets, and collaborates effectively! Feel confident in your hires through Prince.

Tailored Services

Making the right match, always.

With your own highly experienced recruiters dedicated to providing you with talent, you will hit the ground running.

Our tailored service locates the people you need, when and where you require them.

Finding the right passionate niche talent


Our Markets


Efficiently find the talented creative, digital and marketing guru’s you are looking for whether on a temporary, freelance, or permanent basis.


We know what genuine sales talent is made of, so we can build a team that has the necessary experience to help you achieve your goals!


We have a key understanding of where to identify and place the most recent contract and permanent IT talent with five-star firms.

What People Say

"There isn’t any better recruiter I've found than Prince! Easily finding candidates for niche roles, and genuinely cares about promoting our brand among job seekers. "
Vince Manning
"Prince are very efficient and professional to deal with. I would highly recommend using their services again!"
Matthew Sulley
True Potential Wealth Management
"Always providing an exemplary approach from start to finish. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any recruitment needs."
Ben Stewart
Linc Telecom
"Prince offered a tailored approach for us from the get go! Delighted they are our long term partner!"
Justin Todd
JLT Accountancy Solutions

the Seniors


I’ve always had an energetic and competitive personality and as I grew older this developed into a more entrepreneurial mindset. Having setup a few small businesses I began my recruitment career which saw me progress quickly through the ranks – 

I then saw a gap in the market in South Wales for a transparent and versatile recruitment agency that focused on sales & marketing recruitment – Prince Resourcing was born!



Initially wanting to be a pilot, Elliott is our own example of a career change success story, now with over four years of experience in sales and recruitment, specifically specializing in education.

He has a thorough understanding of the industry and a wealth of expertise in supplying our clients with permanent and contract-based staff who tick all the right boxes. He’s maintained a passion for helping people make positive transformations in their life!

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Find the perfect role for you by starting your search below. We have loads of opportunities available within Marketing, Sales and IT.

We can help you...

Whether you have short or long term, permanent or temporary roles required to be filled within our sectors, Prince Resourcing recruitment agency is the ideal match!


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